Carolyn Fernandez and Priscilla Hatch, Appraisers Extraordinaire

Carolyn Fernandez has retired as VQF's appraiser. It marks the end of an era, because she and Richard Cleveland were the last of the people who had worked on every show starting in 1977. Although Carolyn dealt in and appraised antiques, she received her training in antique quilts from Karey Bresenhan. Carolyn passed judgment on close to 4,000 quilts between appraisals at the show and at off-site and documentation days. Between what Carolyn knew and what Priscilla Hatch (who retired last year) knew, there was little left to know about each quilt. The appraisals also proved valuable in locating quilts for the antique exhibits.The Festival owes Carolyn and Priscilla a great debt of gratitude for their 30-plus years of work on appraisals.

Festival 2013 opened at the Champlain Valley Exposition with the exciting Awards Ceremony and Champagne and Chocolate Preview. What a great weekend it was to be among the thousands enjoying the color, design and beauty of hundreds of new and antique quilts on display. Visitors also enjoyed great shopping in the Merchants Mall as well as classes, lectures, appraisals and more. For an overview of Festival 2013, enjoy
the video below.

Congratulations to the Young Quilters

Most of the 28 young people who entered the Youth Contest this past year were present at the Awards Ceremony on Preview evening. We are so proud
of each and every one.
Dave LaValley,  who sponsors the Audrey LaValley Best Youth Quilter Award, presented a Janome machine to each first time young entrant. Dave is the owner of Bittersweet Fabric Shop.

Vermont Public Television
VQF is proud to have had Vermont Public Television as a media sponsor this past year. What a wonderful promo they produced with photos by VQF photographer Jeffrey Lomicka. Watch the video below.

Kudos to the Vermont Quiltsearch team!
Members of the Vermont Quiltsearch team received the President's Award at the Vermont Historical Society's annual meeting last fall. The team was recognized for its "meticulous and detailed work to document historic Vermont quilts," an effort which has gone on since 1979 and which has resulted in the collection of records on more than 6,500 quilts. Richard Cleveland said "We are textile detectives, hot on the chase, hoping to find at every venue exciting, interesting, unusual quilts. Our goal is to capture their stories before they are lost.

Team members Priscilla D. Hatch, Carolyn Fernandez, Richard L. Cleveland and Donna Bister are shown with outgoing VHS President Sarah Dopp, center. The Festival is fortunate to have the team present "The Textile Detectives Are In" at the Festival each year. Listen as the team talks about quilts that visitors bring in to learn about the age, pattern and condition of each. It's on Friday afternoon and it's free.

See the Interview

We know you will enjoy the recent television interview with Janet Block - Chairman, Pat Nowlan - Show Coordinator, and Anne Harmon - Vendor Chair. They covered a wide range of topics about the Festival and their interview was interspersed with many images of the show. See it here.

to our friends, the LaValley family of Bittersweet Fabric Shop in Boscawen, NH. They were recently inducted into the VDTA (Vacuum and Sewing Dealers) Hall of Fame. Last year, Dave LaValley generously surprised each of our young contest entrants with a new Janome sewing machine. Bittersweet Fabric Shop is a sponsor of VQF and provides Janome machines for some VQF classes. Read more here and here.

Who said women (and a couple men) can't keep a secret?
Early last year, Dave LaValley, a top Janome dealer, of Bittersweet Fabric Shop in Boscawen, NH, approached Contest Chairman, Lorraine Hall, with a wonderful idea for the young contest entrants. Everyone was sworn to secrecy until the Awards Ceremony on opening night when Dave presented a brand new Janome sewing machinge to each of the young entrants. Not only were the young people totally surprised but the audience rose to give them and Dave a standing ovation. Richard Cleveland, founder of VQF, told the audience that this was one of the most memorable moments in the 34 years of the Festival. Read more here.







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