2014 Exhibits

Antique Exhibit

Singular Voices Amidst the Replicas 
First Half 20th Century: Quilts from the Pilgrim/Roy Collection
Tumultuous times marked the first half of the 20th century. The world experienced the largest economic growth and prosperity it had ever known. Enormous  technological advances in industry and manufacturing transformed the world into a new modern era. Assembly-line perfection and store-bought were the new status.

For quilting to survive, it had to be reinvented to appeal to the modern woman. Quilts went from "home grown" to big business. Thus began the era of professionally designed and published quilt patterns and the mass production of quilt kits. Luckily there were those who refused to jump on the bandwagon. This exhibit celebrates those "Singular Voices Amidst the Replicas."  Photo: Peony Variation 1920
Curator: Gerald E. Roy

Contest Exhibit

Special Exhibits

Last Quarter 20th Century: Take Two
In the early 1970s, three major cultural events converged to spur on an amazing renaissance of quiltmaking. The Bicentennial brought together women who created commemorative quilts and put on quilt shows; back-to-the-landers wanted to make everything themselves, by hand; and feminists proclaimed that quilts - primarily women's work - were (with jazz) one of the two truly American art forms. This year more than 50 of these last quarter quilts will be reunited in all their liveliness, variety and originality, continuing to astonish and delight all.
Curator: Nancy Halpern

Gallery Talks


free informal talks during show hours by some of our exhibit curators offer visitors a more in-depth look at our featured exhibits. Viewers will be able to ask questions to further their appreciation of the displays and quiltmaking in general. A complete schedule is available at the show.


Crossing Over – The Quilt as Art
This collection of work chronicles the development of Vermont quilt artist and international competitor, Pamela Druhen. These pieces were created for the viewer and range from representational landscapes that bring the outdoors in, to abstract explorations.

New Valley View 2
Although each piece is a quilt by definition, viewers will surely agree that the artist has realized her childhood dream of painting in fabric and thread. 
Curator: Pamela Druhen
Lobby Lights: Vermont Quilters' Welcome to VQF
Quilts by the Vermont Quilt Fesitval Board
When visitors enter the lobby, they can look up at quilts made by the members of the VQF Board of Directors. This eclectic exhibit reflects their diverse and far-reaching interests. Different techniques and use of color are indicative of their love of quilting.

SewBatik Challenge: Winter Wonderland
The Challenge embraces Winter, the time of year to enjoy family and friends, the crisp air, the sharp contrast of blue skies and drifting snow, and the indescribable landscapes. Challenge participants interpreted the theme in a wall quilt incorporating two fat eighths of fabric provided by SewBatik. Quilts will be judged by SewBatik, who will award the lucky winner a basket of their fabrics valued at $100. 

Instructors' Showcase
Over more than three decades, many of VQF's instructors have been at the leading edge of developments in the quilt world. This year's roster is no different, and visitors have the opportunity to see in person quilts that they may otherwise see only in print. As always, this exhibit reflects the diversity of the quilting tradition.  
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